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Abode Partners

Abode is a proud member of the Doug Tarry Family!

Doug Tarry Homes has been committed to their customers in St. Thomas and the surrounding areas since 1954. Their achievements are the culmination of a legacy passed on by Doug Tarry Sr. Doug Tarry Homes designs and builds homes of superior quality and craftsmanship for the families of St. Thomas and surrounding area.

They provide a complete range of in-house décor design. It goes without saying, design integrity, construction quality, energy efficiency and the customer experience are of the utmost importance to Doug Tarry Homes.

Abode is a proud distributor of Lennox Products.

Lennox was founded over 125 years ago, and have operated under three guiding principles: Integrity, Respect, and Excellence. They have weathered wars, natural disasters, economic recessions, and, most recently, a pandemic.

At Lennox, innovation takes many forms. And one of the most critical is setting the standard for minimizing environmental impact across the world of HVAC—from high-efficiency products to earning green accreditations to implementing sustainable production initiatives.

Abode is a proud distributor of Archgard Products.

Archgard Fireplaces is a fireplace store in Mission, BC that offers a wide range of products and services including fireplaces, gas fireplaces, gas inserts and much more.

Archgard fireplaces are built to last. Quality, Design, and Dependability are not only core values, but the backbone of every product created.

Abode is a proud distributor of Rinnai Products.

The #1 in Tankless in North America.

Over their 100-year history, they have proven their commitment to the quality, safety, and support behind everything they do. Rinnai makes it easy to pick the right tankless water heater to support a more satisfying lifestyle for you and your family.

100 Years Built on Quality with Longer Product Life, Rinnai tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan of up to twice as long as a traditional tank.

Abode is a proud distributor of Dettson Products.

Dettson provides sustainable solutions to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) industry by offering systems designed to maximize residential comfort.

Dettson Industries is developing sustainable solutions that contribute to home comfort in each of the North American climate zones, taking into consideration the different energy challenges, while recognizing the specifications of the Canadian and of the HVAC replacement market.

Their mandate is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering safe and reliable products and solutions.

Performance, Continuous improvement, The creation of value and A collaborative approach are all values of Dettson.

Abode is a proud Member of Energy Star.

The ENERGY STAR symbol is the internationally recognized and trusted mark of high efficiency.

Behind every label is a product, home, building or industrial facility that is certified to use less energy and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.